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Your Benefits as a OneStop Partner

If you are looking to get into software business and expand your operations, we are ready to help you. We are focused on cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and offers excellent experiences covering the strategic insights. With us, you can

  • Unlock new business opportunities to unlock borderless growth
  • Build trust and drive business
  • Manage customer experiences, not just customer lifecycle

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OneStop Partnership Opportunities

Solution Providers

Our Solution Partnership Program provides a framework that is simple, predictable, consistent and profitable – to help Solution Providers meet their business goals. Through the program, you can:

  • Expand your footprint and reach
  • Our extensive portfolio of excellent enterprise solutions will helps to meet your customers’ needs
  • Solutions development framework helps to integrate and build your unique offerings
  • Planning, sales collaboration and support to help you win in the marketplace
  • Compensation and incentives based on the way you choose to sell and your effort
  • Training and enablement to help you understand, integrate and sell our portfolio
  • Marketing and funding to help you increase awareness and generate leads
  • Post-sale support to deliver an excellent experience to your customers and drive retention

Selling Models

Through this flexible program, you can choose how you want to work with us, using the form of collaboration best suited to your business:

  • Sell-with: Jointly market and sell OneStop Solutions to customers – with the contractual relationship between the customer and Onestop. Partners are engaged throughout the lifecycle of the opportunity – from lead generation and opportunity qualification, through to resolution of sales objections from end-customers, solutioning and deal closure. Following deal closure and contracting, partners continue to play a key role in driving renewal of services contracts and managing the customer lifecycle.
  • Sell-through: Resell or Integrate OneStop solutions with the option of co-branding (with the contractual relationship being between the customer and the partner)
  • Referral from partners: Recommend and refer potential customer and sales leads to OneStop

Regardless of the collaboration approach, we will provide you with the appropriate compensation and benefits as well as the resources and support, you need to scale your business with us.

Service Partners

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Receive extensive resources - from marketing & product collaterals to training.

Enjoy incremental rewards as you advance through different partner levels.

Co-create value, leveraging our ongoing engagement and support framework.